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Enjoyed the spices offered. Don't fully understand the full composition but was worth a try.

great tasting

these taste great, just wish they were in a standard bag like the market leaders.


I love these, HEALTHY but taste lovely (especially with hummus) - my partner just bought a mixed pack to try the chipotle ones. Great that they are full of fibre and PROTEIN so keep you full. My first order went missing so contacted them and they sent another straight away. Great company. Gemma

Delicious and nutritious

It's a refreshing change to get snacks that not only taste good but also aren't full of the usual nasties that processed foods have. Yummy and good for the gut.

Mixed Case (12 x 30g)
Sarah Hankinson
Best snacks ever!

I absolutely love these, the flavours are amazing. I will be ordering again.

Turmeric & Smoked Paprika Sharing Bag (8 x 90g)


Gorgeous, yummy!


The nut packs were not really my thing, I wasn't keen. However, the company go to a lot of trouble to please their customers, and they recommended the crisps, which I tried and loved. I placed another order for the crisps and they were yummy. My neighbour really liked them too.

Weird taste

I’m a huge fan of salt and vinegar crisps/snacks but these tasted really weird. Couldn’t finish 1 pack.
The Chipoltle & Like ones were really nice though.

Mixed Case - Sharing Bags (8 x 90g)


Struggle not to eat the entire bag to myself, but they are healthy snacks .. so don’t feel as guilty!
Dipped with hummus.. match made in heaven!


Very tasty and good for you!

Great snacks

lovely crunch, nice flavour, and healthier too

Nice product, shame about the size

Loved the snack, but the bags have loads in them, so you either eat too many or clip the bag and try to finish them before they go stale. The product is amazing, I just wish the bags were single portion!

Hey Sue, firstly we'd like to commend you for your willpower.. I don't think we've had a bag last longer than a day yet!! :)

Jokes aside, we're sorry to hear you're having trouble keeping the chips fresh: if you seal the bag inside a freezer bag or air tight container, they will last much longer.

We're so pleased that you love the chips themselves, and a smaller bag is definitely something we'll consider - thanks again for your feedback!


Both flavours are delicious and so moreish! Getting them half price is an absolute bargain too.

Unexpected but tasty!

I bought these activated chips on offer which was a very very good deal indeed. These do not really taste like crisps which is why they lost one star - but I still gave four stars because they're packed full of ingredients that I haven't reacted to (I have an extremely limited diet as a result of illness). Sunflower oil is a better oil than rapeseed as well so I was pleased about that. I am trying to come up with a description of how these taste...It's like a wholegrain Quaver but less crispy and slightly thicker. Not like anything else Ive had. It felt like enough of a treat that I could enjoy it without feeling guilty but if you were really in the mood for crisps I don't think it would solve the craving. Flavour wise the salt and vinegar could use a little bit more salt. The chipotle lime one was perfect balance/taste wise.

NEW! Activated Chips Mixed Case (10 x 80g)


Really enjoying these !

Healthy and tasty

Really tasty and crunchy snacks which are also full of healthy ingredients. It’s unusual to find a healthy snack that also tastes really good. This one does !


The chilli and lemon were bland, the sea salt and vinegar were nice

Mixed Case (12 x 30g)
Fiona Garfield
Yummy snacks.

Really delicious nuts and seeds, just the right amount of crunch, and the perfect sized bag.

Not for me

I was hoping to enjoy these snacks , as they are so health , but there was no flavour at all.

Hi there, we're so sorry to hear you weren't a fan of our Orange, Ginger & Maple - if there was an issue with the product (e.g. lack of flavour), we would have been more than happy to replace these for you! This is our most subtle flavour, so for those looking for a punchier snack we would have recommended our savoury flavours :) - Team Boundless Activated Snacking

Perfect mix

Love this sprinkled on porridge in the morning. Very moorish!

Mixed Case (12 x 30g)
Jane Scrivener
Boundless mixed case

I’m really enjoying the seeds and nuts and gave some to my daughter. All the flavours are nice and I will defiantly order again in a few weeks.

awesome snack

recently diagnose diabetic i was searching the net for something to snack on, i tried these and im addicted, thank you boundless for producing something that even i can enjoy:) buy with complete confidence, i ordered on friday was bank holiday monday and recieved my parcel on tuesday speedy delivery too

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